Introducing the "Shadow Me Series," a comprehensive compilation of courses designed to master various styles of permanent makeup procedures. Each course in this series offers an in-depth breakdown of techniques, ensuring you gain the skills needed to excel in the world of permanent makeup.


  1. Quick Content Consumption: Our courses are crafted for busy individuals who value their time. Each module is designed to provide efficient learning, allowing you to acquire valuable skills without lengthy time commitments.
  2. Thorough and Concise: Dive deep into the art of permanent makeup with detailed yet concise content. We focus on delivering essential information, eliminating unnecessary fluff to provide a streamlined learning experience.
  3. Continuing Education: Stay ahead in the industry with our continuing education approach. As trends and techniques evolve, our courses are regularly updated to ensure you are equipped with the latest knowledge, making this series a valuable resource for ongoing professional development.
  4. Fits Any Busy Schedule: Whether you're a full-time professional, a student, or someone with a hectic schedule, the Shadow Me Series is designed to fit seamlessly into your life. Learn at your own pace, anytime, anywhere, and take control of your education.
  5. Full Procedure Breakdown: Master the art of permanent makeup through comprehensive procedure breakdowns. Visualize each step, understand the techniques, and gain hands-on experience through detailed demonstrations.
  6. For Visual Learners: We understand that visual learning is key to mastering practical skills. Our courses are rich in visual content, including demonstrations, illustrations, and real-life examples, catering to diverse learning preferences.

The "Shadow Me Series" is not just a set of courses; it's a pathway to expertise in permanent makeup. Join us on this journey and elevate your skills in the ever-evolving world of cosmetic enhancements.


Part 1 of our Shadow Me Series showcases the complete procedure of how to perform Hybrid Nano Brows

Watch and learn with real time walkthrough and demonstration from start to finish. Includes complete mapping & shaping, hairstroke pattern design, technique breakdown, and supply information. 18 full length videos.